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Nature’s Farm Camp is here!



We sold the Truck (for veggies) and Truck Farm Chicago is no longer happening. It’s sad, but it also means we can put 100% of our efforts into something bigger & better: Nature’s Farm Camp. We were looking for a more immersive experience, a place to get away from screens and flaming hots for a few […]

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It’s not healthy food

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Looks like Bon Appetit has been listening. We’ve been screaming for years: “This isn’t health food, it’s rip-roaring deliciousness that make your tastebuds dance. It puts a spring in your step

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Life Post Truck Farm

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Truck Farm Chicago may no longer be on the road, but we’re still learning. No matter if we’re visiting farmers or distributors, or retailers or eaters, our curiosity into what’s possible drives us. Click HERE for a video presentation at The Civic Lab on the world of food through the eyes of a Truck Farmer.

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Thank You to our Sponsors!

Thanks to all of our supporters for making Truck Farm Chicago possible. We could never do it without your help!